The establishment of (ARAQAH) Company was based on an ambitious wide vision that seeks to gain a foothold in the higher real estate market. The  Company is considered one of the several  sister companies which boots and promotes its ability to compete, it also provides the required infrastructure and sound commercial background, which promotes its competitive ability in various real estate and investments fields.

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We are Aligned with KSA Mission 2030

To build the best future for our country, we have based our Vision for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on three pillars that represent our unique competitive advantages. Our status will enable us to build on our leading role as the heart of Arab and Islamic worlds. At the same time, we will use our investment power to create a more diverse and sustainable economy. We believe that importance of a vibrant society. Members of this society live by the Islamic principle of moderation, are proud of their national identity and their ancient cultural heritage, enjoy a good life in a beautiful environment, always protected by caring families and they supported by an empowering social and health care system.

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