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Alignment with KSA 2030 Vision

To build the best future for our country, we have based our Vision for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on three pillars that represent our unique competitive advantages. Our status will enable us to build on our leading role as the heart of Arab and Islamic worlds. At the same time, we will use our investment power to create a more diverse and sustainable economy. We believe that importance of a vibrant society. Members of this society live by the Islamic principle of moderation, are proud of their national identity and their ancient cultural heritage, enjoy a good life in a beautiful environment, always protected by caring families and they supported by an empowering social and health care system.

Araqah Facilities Management Company (AFMS) is fully aware or responsible of criticality of Plan KSA 2030 in its role of ensuring harnessed momentum and realisation of full growth potential for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

AFMS notes that some key directions including:

    • Sustainability – Focus on preservation of growth-related wealth and use existing levels of funding to explore renewable energy production and minimisation of consumption of non-renewable energy forms
    • Unique Environment – Preservation of critical natural environment, with a balance between conservation and development
    • Identity and Opportunity – Authentic and safe, but also a progressive Arab city with a personal reflecting the coming together of the desert and the sea. A place where businesses, Government and cultures work hand in hand
    • Excellence and Liveability – The principles of comfortable and convenient living will be at the forefront of all aspects; marketing and promotional principles will be secondary to this
  • Connectivity – The city will need a multi-layered transportation network for city center and urban connection, all accomplished with a hierarchical system of formal and informal open spaces and biologically significant protected areas.

These five key directions give or offer a clear vision of where KSA will be in the near to long term. AFMS, draws on the significant long-term experience of its services to environment in supporting major Government initiatives, developments and departments in achieving their visions.