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AFMS Integrated Management System Manual

The AFMS Integrated Management System Manual is available to all employees and subcontractors and houses all safety documentation and OH&S activity to support AFMS operations.
Employees and subcontractors can easily navigate to find information on:

  • Relevant documents and references to do mandatory and regular safety tasks required by AFMS e.g.
      • Induct a new employee
      • Report a Hazard
      • Conduct a Safety Toolbox meeting
    • Report an Incident
    • Important safety bulletins and announcements
  • Other information of safety issues in the workplace, e.g. workplace inspections, safety training, OH&S audits, etc.

Regulatory Compliance

AFMS workers provided with the necessary tools, safety equipment, proper clothing and protective coverings. All workers are and will be trained properly in the use of these equipment’s to avoid and reduce the risk of work-related injury or illness. All electrical appliances will be regularly checked (test & tag) by our technicians in compliance with H&S regulations and applicable KSA standards to make sure safe working conditions.

AFMS has all Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and COSHH Register for all Projects and Contracts.