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AFMS’ Service Delivery Experience

Drawing on the vast experience of our 11 years services in long-standing relationships with corporate clients and organisations, agencies, has provided AFMS with:

  • The understanding of the importance delivering services – in particular non-core services – to our clients, thereby supporting and facilitating their core operational capabilities.
  • The requirement to develop strong change management processes, including:
    • Understanding and adaptability to diverse cultural environments and methodologies for working within changing or new environments.
    • Supporting employees and clients/customers through cultural change to deliver the required outcomes.
    • Transitioning to a sustainable new direction whilst balancing efficiency in current operations and the dynamics associated with innovative change through a number of actions that have minimal disruption to the enterprise.
    • Effective engagement strategies to to  make sure all stakeholders have a full understanding and commitment of the changes.
    • Training and education with respect to changes in environmental management in the workplace and integration of client practices.
    • Continued development and employee awareness of Occupational Health and Safety in the workplace.
    • Collaborative workshops to exchange ideas, transfer knowledge, optimize mutually beneficial relationships, and make an integrated, seamless delivery of services with the aim to support our clients in dealing with the real issues confronting them by applying structured practices.