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Marketing Services Sales, Leasing, and Buying

Selling and leasing of the commercial real estate have been the core facet of (ARAQAH) since its conception. We offer a complete array of sales and leasing services, extensively ranging from residential and Commercial space to high-rise towers and retail showrooms.

ARAQAH teamwork is the strongest assets and is essential for today‘s cooperative learning environment. We appoint team leaders, assign them to oversee listings, and check their specific markets. ARAQAH agents are recognized among the top in many sales and leasing categories.

Our Services also include:

Real Estate Sale, Marketing, and Leasing activities.
Using effective approaches and techniques to sell the property.
Stay in touch with our clients to keep them updated.
End negotiations to bring the best closure of the deal.

Real State Evaluation

Due to the Saudi Real-Estate Market‘s need for real estate professional appraisals, we took the opportunity to introduce our reliable appraised system in a way that serves the real estate evaluation needs and be in line with the (ARAQAH) franchisee.

Valuation and appraisals Department in (ARAQAH) was first established in 2013 to serve the needs in the Saudi Real-Estate Market.

Herewith, the Appraisals Department follows International to insure professional services and excellent customer care.

Our real estate appraisal department is proud to serve many of the top real estate developers, investors. Banks investment houses, and other entities.

  • Evaluation of Residential Lands.
  • Evaluation of Commercial Lands.
  • Evaluation of Villas.
  • Evaluation of Mansions.
  • Evaluation of Residential Apartments.
  • Evaluation of Residential Compounds.
  • Evaluation of Commercial Malls.
  • Evaluation of High-Rise Towers.
  • Evaluation of Commercial Buildings.
  • Evaluation of Real Estate Buildings.
  • Evaluation of Real Estate Funds.
  • Evaluation of Real Estate Projects.