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Strategy & Planning Advisory

CRA advises clients on property development across the full spectrum of activities, form high-level master plan development to individual sites, Furthermore, we offer integrated development planning and economics skills to offer-give best-in-class solutions to complex client problems.

Determining best possible renting\ selling price of a project\property is a key reason to maximize the profit, core aim-goal of any company. Asking price will based on market facts and property’s characteristics to adhere financial goals. At ARAQAH Research & Advisory Department (CRA) we support to set possible lease and sale prices by evaluating the property and considering current market conditions and other factors which may affect the property’s price including the size of the property, finishing details, vicinity, etc.

For developers who have acquired land and made preliminary designs, our development solutions service offers both essentials independent validation of the developments viability and concept whilst also providing the due diligence that support the developer in the process of negotiating development finance to convert plans into reality.

In (Araqah) we believe that place is the main reason in the success of any real estate project. Therefore, we gladly present you our advanced database along with our find ability to select the best site for your project. We will do site assessment by conducting:

  • Site evaluation and field research.
  • Comprehensive site analysis.

Since last couple of years CRA‘s city real estate market overview reports are providing authoritative guidance and offering informed advice on recent real estate issues, discussing the most recent developments, forecasting about demand & supply matrix, providing updates about sale prices and rental fluctuations.

Our market reviews are a regular source of information for real estate professionals, and public.

Timely and informed research & analysis is a prerequisite to successful decision-making, at CRA, our wide market coverage, and inventive analysis is back by the market knowledge and experience. We give the timeliest, highest-quality information and analysis to help our clients to optimize their real estate decisions.